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Oswestry Low Back Pain Disability Questionnaire
This questionnaire has been designed to give us information as to how your back or leg pain is affecting your ability to manage in everyday life. Please answer by checking ONE box in each section for the statement which best applies to you. We realize you may consider that two or more statements in any one section apply but please just shade out the spot that indicates the statement which most clearly describes your problem.

<-- Section 1 – Pain intensity

<-- Section 2 – Personal care (washing, dressing etc)

<-- Section 3 – Lifting

<-- Section 4 – Walking

<-- Section 5 – Sitting

<-- Section 6 – Standing

<-- Section 7 – Sleeping

<-- Section 8 – Sex life (if applicable)

<-- Section 9 – Social life

<-- Section 10 – Travelling

Sections completed --> numberscore1=(Sec1)+(Sec2)+(Sec3)+(Sec4)+(Sec5)+(Sec6)+(Sec7)+(Sec8)+(Sec9)+(Sec10) sections.
Total possible points --> numberscore2=((Sec1)+(Sec2)+(Sec3)+(Sec4)+(Sec5)+(Sec6)+(Sec7)+(Sec8)+(Sec9)+(Sec10))*5 points.
Score --> numberscore3=(S1)+(S2)+(S3)+(S4)+(S5)+(S6)+(S7)+(S8)+(S9)+(S10) points.
Index --> numberscore4=((100*((S1)+(S2)+(S3)+(S4)+(S5)+(S6)+(S7)+(S8)+(S9)+(S10)))/(((Sec1)+(Sec2)+(Sec3)+(Sec4)+(Sec5)+(Sec6)+(Sec7)+(Sec8)+(Sec9)+(Sec10))*5)).toFixed(1) percent.
Interpretation --> interpretationscore5=((100*((S1)+(S2)+(S3)+(S4)+(S5)+(S6)+(S7)+(S8)+(S9)+(S10)))/(((Sec1)+(Sec2)+(Sec3)+(Sec4)+(Sec5)+(Sec6)+(Sec7)+(Sec8)+(Sec9)+(Sec10))*5));score5>80.9?'Bed-bound or exaggerating their symptoms':score5>60.9?'Crippled - Positive intervention is required':score5>40.9?'Severe disability - Detailed investigation required':score5>20.9?'Moderate disability - Usually managed by conservative means':'Minimal disability - Advise on lifting sitting and exercise'
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