Musculoskeletal & Rheumatology
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The patient is a [text default=""] with pain over the [text default=""]that began [text default=""]. Symptoms have been [text default=""] since onset. They report associated [text default=""] but denies any [text default=""].Has noticed a loss of motion for example, difficulty[text="reaching overhead"].[text default="Has/Has not"] had problems sleeping. Activities which are limited [text default=""]

[checkbox value="Full symmetrical motion of their neck and a straight spine/no pain to palpation of neck/Neg Spurling"]
[checkbox value="-Focal subacromial tenderness between the greater tubercle of humorous/acromial process(Tendonitis)|-Pain with resisted midarc abduction and external rotation(Tendonitis)|-normal ROM HG joint(Tendonitis)|-Preserved strength testing of supraspiantus (Tendonitis)|-Neer’s positive/negative(Tendonitis)

|-Focal subacromial tenderness,just below the middle of the acromion(Impingement)|-Painless testing of resisted abduction (supraspinatus),ext rotation (infraspinatus),adduction (subscapularis), internal rotation (Impingement)|-Normal ROM GH joint(Impingement)|-Preserved strength in all directions(Impingement)|-Neer’s positive pain/Hawkin’s positive pain(Impingement)

|Swelling of infraclavicular fossa/general fullness of shoulder(GH OA)|Anterior tenderness just under coracoid process(GH OA)|Crepitus w/ circumduction(GH OA)|Restricted abduction/external rotation, measured passively(GH OA)

|Restricted abduction /external rotation (Frozen Shoulder)|Active ROM _____/Passive ROM______ (Frozen Shoulder)|Abnormal Apley Scratch test (Frozen Shoulder)

|Subacromial tenderness(RTC tear)|Loss of smooth overhead motion(RTC tear)|Atrophy on supraspinatus/infraspinatus(RTC tear)|Weakness/pain of midarc abduction/external rotation(RTC tear)

|Subacromial tenderness(Labral tear)|Loss of smooth overhead motion(Labral tear)|Weakness/pain of midarc abduction/external rotation(Labral tear)|Pos O’Brien/Grind test (Labral tear)

|AC joint deformity/enlarged(AC OA/sprain)|AC joint tenderness(AC OA/sprain)|Pain by forced adduction of shoulder(AC OA/sprain)"]
The patient is a with pain over the that began . Symptoms have been since onset. They report associated but denies any .Has noticed a loss of motion for example, difficulty. had problems sleeping. Activities which are limited

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