Vaginitis Exam

Gynecology, Objective/Exam Elements
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General Appearance: [text size=100 default="well developed, well nourished female in no acute distress."]
Abdomen: [text size=100 default="no mass, significant tenderness or organomegaly"]
Pelvic: [text size=100 default="external genitalia is normal. no discharge present."]
[checkbox value="discharge is present|frothy discharge|white discharge|green discharge|clear discharge|inflamed vaginal side walls|inflamed cervix|odor is present|blood is present|wet prep/KOH performed|negative|wet prep/KOH with numerous white cells|wet prep/KOH with clue cells present|wet prep/KOH with hyphae present|wet prep/KOH with trichomonas present|Bimanual exam performed|normal|uterus normal size|uterus nontender|no cervical motion tenderness|adnexae nontender, no masses"]
[text size=100]
General Appearance:

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