The SOAPnote Project

A SOAP note is the basic unit of medical documentation.  “SOAP” stands for Subjective Objective Assessment Plan.  The four elements provide structure during a clinical visit and a narrative record after the encounter.

The SOAPnote Project is an effort to improve collaboration on note templates, checklists, and clinical calculators.

Everything gets better if you use the site to make clinical tools and spread the word to your colleagues.  Currently, we’re at 2806 users!

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Most features of the site are free and do not require registering or logging (even saving your progress and picking up where you left off). But, registered users get these additional, free features:
  • save note templates, forms, and tools,
  • copy and modify interactive medical templates, calculators, and forms from a huge, free library,
  • customize it even more with your organization's information,
  • get three additional custom fields to add to their forms,
  • email form output,
  • make a library of shorthand text to type your notes faster,
  • export forms for offline use,
  • use five custom text snippets to build templates faster,
  • contribute to a project that is improving medical documentation around the world, and
  • a future tenth thing so this will be even more convincing!