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Question 6/18/2017

Thank you for this wonderful website. Is it possible to format text in bold or italics? Also, is it possible to program 2 conditions, or nested conditions as one might do in excel? For example, if one condition is met, then a second condition is offered. (hope I explained that well). Kind regards.

Thank you for using the site. You definitely explained the two questions well.
I have answers – not sure how helpful you will find them.

For the conditional items – in the future there may be nested conditions, but currently you cannot. I’ve usually been able to accomplish the same thing without the nested conditions, but it just involves more typing.

What I’ve done is set multiple conditions in single statements and then trying to cover every possible condition explicitly. You can join conditions with && (and) and !! (not) to do this. It can create some long code, though – I’ve been meaning to work on nested conditions for a long time.

An example of a case like I’m speaking of is at – I had to cover all the combinations of age and pap results – doing nested conditions would have helped.

For the formatting – I think you’re asking about the output. The form itself does support italics, color, and bold. But, the output is extremely limited because the output needs to make into an EHR note intact. This requires plain text which doesn’t support underlining, bold, or italics. To accentuate items, I use a lot of asterisks and have tried tools to generate blocks of text. The best one I used was at

Question 6/16/2017

please make available option to have checklist or checkbox options on a horizontal line.
also request to add ability to expand and collapse certain sub sections using the + and – type buttons

Thanks for the input!
I’m still working on getting the list items into a horizontal line, stay tuned for more information on that.

I will look into adding + and – buttons. The best way currently to expand and contract sub sections is to use a checkbox and a conditional statement. Many of the forms I’ve made do this with the ‘display/hide references’ section at the bottom. A page like this is at

Question 6/13/2017

Can these be used with as-you-type or Dragon speak?

I’ve not used asutype but it says that it does work with web pages, so it should work with the site.

And I also haven’t used Dragon, but there is a web extension for Dragon – there is some information at

I hope this response isn’t as unhelpful as it feels to me, but if you do use SOAPnote and are successful with either of those tools, please feel free to let me know.