Cardiovascular Exam

[checkbox memo="Short Version" name="short" value=""][conditional field="short" condition="(short).is('')"][textarea cols=80 rows=5 default="CARDIOVASCULAR: Regular sinus rhythm with no significant murmurs, rubs, gallops or clicks. There is no peripheral edema, cyanosis, or clubbing.  Pulses are normal and symmetrical without bruits."][/conditional][checkbox memo="Long Version" name="long" value=""][conditional field="long" condition="(long).is('')"][textarea cols=80 rows=5 default="CARDIOVASCULAR:  Regular rhythm with no murmurs, clicks, S3, S4, JVD, HJR, or carotid bruits.  Heart murmur ***none/systolic/diastolic/1 of 6/2 of 6/3 of 6/4 of 6/5 of 6/6 of 6***.  Pulse ***regular/irregular/irregularly irregular/regularly irregular***.  Peripheral edema ***none/1+/2+/3+/4+***.  ***full and equal pulses/pulses absent or diminished***.  Carotid exam revealed ***no bruits/bruits on the left/bruits on the right***. Varicosities are ***absent/present on the left/present on the right***.  Swollen and hard veins are ***absent/present on the left side/present on the right side/present on both sides***.  Brown pigmentation on lower extremity is ***absent/present on the left side/present on the right side/present on both sides***."][/conditional]
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