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Eagle Preoperative Cardiac Risk Assessment Tool
Age: [select value="70 or younger=0|over 70 years old=1" name="age"]
History of Diabetes Mellitus: [select value="no=0|yes=1" name="diabetes"]
History of Angina: [select value="no=0|yes=1" name="angina"]
Previous Myocardial Infarction: [select value="no=0|yes=1" name="mi"]
Previous Congestive Heart Failure: [select value="no=0|yes=1" name="chf"]
Interpretation: [calc value="score=(age)+(diabetes)+(angina)+(mi)+(chf); score>2?'High Risk':score>0?'Intermediate Risk':'Low Risk'" memo="score interpretation"]
[html]<hr>[/html][checkbox memo="display/hide references" name="footnotes" value=""][conditional field="footnotes" condition="(footnotes).is('')"][html]
reference: <a href="" target="_blank">Eagle (1996) Circulation 93:1278</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">FP Notebook page</a>[/html][/conditional]
Eagle Preoperative Cardiac Risk Assessment Tool
History of Diabetes Mellitus:
History of Angina:
Previous Myocardial Infarction:
Previous Congestive Heart Failure:
Interpretation: score interpretationscore=(age)+(diabetes)+(angina)+(mi)+(chf); score>2?'High Risk':score>0?'Intermediate Risk':'Low Risk'

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