2 To 6 Year Prevention History

[textarea default="PREVENTION REVIEW
This review was done when the child was *** years old
The following should be done yearly: height, weight, visual screening.
Injury prevention is as follows:
Seatbelts: ***yes/no (PLEASE WEAR RESTRAINTS IN CAR)***
Smoke detectors: ***yes/no (PLEASE INSTALL SMOKE DETECTORS)***
Hot water temperature: ***yes/no (PLEASE HAVE TEMPERATURE OF WATER SET AT 120 DEGREES)***
Bicycle helmet: ***yes/no (PLEASE WEAR BIKE HELMET)/does not ride bike***
Storage of drugs, guns, matches and chemicals: ***yes/no (PLEASE MAKE SURE HOME SAFE FOR STORING GUNS, MATCHES, CHEMICALS, AND DRUGS)***
Syrup of ipecac and poison control number which is 1-800-222-1222: ***yes/no (Please check)***
Other risk factors reviewed:
Passive smoke: ***not at risk/yes is at risk (We will help anyone in the family quit)***
Exposure to lead (exposed to house older than 1950, occupation involving lead, or near a hazardous waste area): ***not at risk/screening done to be sure no risk/yes-your child is at risk for lead ingestion and needs screening***
Exposure to tuberculosis (exposed to close contacts, recent immigrants, migrant workers, homeless shelters): ***no exposure/tuberculin test done and should be repeated yearly/yes (YOU ARE AT RISK FOR TB AND NEED A TUBERCULIN TEST YEARLY)***
Hearing loss risk (serious childhood infections, birth weight below 1500 gm, meningitis, low Apgar score of 0-3): ***no risk/yes your child is at risk for hearing loss and should be checked yearly***
Fluoride candidate: ***yes-discuss usage/not needed***
Brushing teeth and dental care: ***yes/no (DENTAL CARE EMPHASIZED)***
Family member knows CPR: ***yes/no (Training is available in the community)***"]

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