pediatric acute abdominal pain

[text memo="age"] year old [select value="female|male"] with [text default="no pert med/surg hx"]
here for [select value="constant|intermittent|episodic"], [select value="non-radiating|radiating"], [text memo="radiates where" size="10"]
[text memo="description (ie stabbing)"], [text memo="location"] abdominal pain since [text memo="onset"].

They have tried [textarea memo="what they have tried/did it work"]

Patient [select value="denies|endorses"] vomiting, [select value="denies|endorses"] fever. [select value="denies|endorses"] recent trauma. [select value="denies|endorses"] sore throat, [select value="denies|endorses"] coughing, [select value="denies|endorses"]congestion/runny nose, [select value="denies|endorses"] burning with urination, [select value="denies|endorses"] bloody stools, [select value="denies|endorses"] rash, [select value="denies|endorses"] chest pain

[select value="Guardian|Patient"] reports [select value="patient is drinking fluids well|patient is drinking less fluid than usual|patient is refusing to drink fluids|patient is vomiting after any fluids"]. [select value="Guardian|Patient"] reports [select value="normal wet diapers|slight decrease in wet diaper|no wet diapers today|normal urination|slight decrease in having to urinate|no urination today|"].
Last micturition at [text memo="time"].

Vomiting is [select value="nonbilious|bilious"], [select value="nonbloody|bloody"], [select value="not projectile|projectile"]. Patient has vomited [text memo="#"] times in the past 24 hours. 

Patient [select value="denies|endorses"] sexual activity. [select value="Denies|Endorses"] menses. LMP [date name="variable_1" default="11/05/2021"]

MEDHX: [select value="denies|endorses"] sickle cell disease, diabetes
SURGHX: [select value="denies|endorses"] hx of bowel obstruction, [select value="denies|endorses"] hx of abdominal surgery, 
FamHX: [select value="denies|endorses"] diabetes,
age year old with
here for , , radiates where
description (ie stabbing), location abdominal pain since onset.

They have tried
what they have tried/did it work

Patient vomiting, fever. recent trauma. sore throat, coughing, congestion/runny nose, burning with urination, bloody stools, rash, chest pain

reports . reports .
Last micturition at time.

Vomiting is , , . Patient has vomited # times in the past 24 hours.

Patient sexual activity. menses. LMP

MEDHX: sickle cell disease, diabetes
SURGHX: hx of bowel obstruction, hx of abdominal surgery,
FamHX: diabetes,

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