Pharyngitis History

[checkbox memo="Version A" name="A" value=""][conditional field="A" condition="(A).is('')"]Duration of symptoms in days [text]
Pertinent positives
[select value="no|YES"] <-- fever
[select value="no|YES"] <-- malaise
[select value="no|YES"] <-- swollen lymph nodes
[select value="no|YES"] <-- cough
[select value="no|YES"] <-- headache
[select value="no|YES"] <-- rash
[select value="good|adequate|poor"] <-- Intake pattern
[select value="good|adequate|poor|constipation"] <-- Elimination pattern
[textarea cols=80 rows=5 default=""][/conditional][checkbox memo="Version B" name="B" value=""][conditional field="B" condition="(B).is('')"][textarea cols=80 rows=5 default="Patient has had *** days of ***sore throat/dysphonia/fever/cough/difficulty swallowing/nasal congestion/headache***.
Patient has had no ***dysphonia/fever/cough/difficulty swallowing/nasal congestion/headache***.
There ***are no known/have been*** recent exposures to Strep. The patient ***has not had/has had*** Strep pharyngitis in the past 30 days.
Other history/symptoms:  ***nausea/vomiting/mild abdominal ache/diarrhea/rash/refusing to eat/refusing to drink/body aches/eye irritation/ear pain/facial pain/shortness of breath/arthralgias/myalgias/exposure to Mono***."][/conditional]
Version A Version B

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