Rubella Visit

[textarea name="variable_1" fillable="true"]Subjective: ***intake***, ***elimination***, ***cough/respiratory***, ***consolable***[/textarea][checklist name="variable_2" value="joint pain|inadequate immunizations|rash that began on face, progressed to body, resolved in 72 hours|malaise"]
[textarea name="variable_3" fillable="true"]Objective: 
HEENT: ***EOMI/PERRL***, ***TM intact/clear bilaterally***, ***oropharynx clear***
CV:  ***RRR, no murmur***
Chest:  ***clear to auscultation bilaterally***
Abdomen:  ***normal bowel sounds, soft, nondistended, nontender***
Ext:  ***cap refill less than 2 seconds***[/textarea]
[checklist name="variable_4" value="fine maculopapular rash on face/body|post-auricular lymphadenopathy|suboccipital lymphadenopathy"]
[textarea name="variable_5" fillable="true"]Assessment/Plan: [/textarea]
[checkbox name="variable_6" value="Supportive care|Treat fever w/ acetaminophen|Pt ed re: danger to pregnant women|Update immunization status"]
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