A Different Workflow

[comment memo="Part I:  Pre-Provider"]
[textarea name="variable_1" default="Nurse History"]
[textarea name="variable_2" default="Vitals"]
[textarea name="variable_3" default="Nurse Assessments"]
[textarea name="variable_4" default="Nurse Orders"]
[textarea name="variable_5" default="Problem List"]
[textarea name="variable_6" default="Surgical/Procedure History"]
[textarea name="variable_7" default="Social History"]
[textarea name="variable_8" default="Family History"]
[textarea name="variable_9" default="Medications"]
[textarea name="variable_10" default="Allergies"]

[comment memo="Part II:  Patient-Provider encounter"]
[textarea name="variable_11" default="Itemized New Issues"]
[textarea name="variable_12" default="Itemized Old Issues"]
[textarea name="variable_13" default="Review of Systems with Recommendations"]
[textarea name="variable_14" default="Physical Examination"]
[textarea name="variable_15" default="Any testing available during visit"]
[textarea name="variable_16" default="Medical Decision Making"]

[comment memo="Part III:  Provider Plan"]
[textarea name="variable_17" default="Labs"]
[textarea name="variable_18" default="Imaging"]
[textarea name="variable_19" default="Consults"]
[textarea name="variable_20" default="Follow Up"]
[textarea name="variable_21" default="Boilerplate statement that the patient understood and was agreeable with what happened during the visit"]

[checkbox memo="hide/display references and links" name="footnotes" value=""][conditional field="footnotes" condition="(footnotes).isNot('')"]
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[link url="https://www.soapnote.org/news/a-better-workflow-would-be-great/" memo="#1"] Morgan M. A Different Workflow. ​​The SOAPnote Project. https://www.soapnote.org/news/a-better-workflow-would-be-great/. Published September 30, 2023. Accessed September 30, 2023.[/conditional]
Part I: Pre-Provider

Part II: Patient-Provider encounter

Part III: Provider Plan

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