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DISPATCHED TO:[textarea name="dispatch" default=" "]


DISPATCH PRIORITY: [checkbox name="priority" value="Alpha.|Bravo.|Charlie.|Delta.|Echo.|Transfer."][text name="priority" default=" "]

APPARATUS: [checkbox name="APPARATUS" value="Fire Unit.|Medical Unit."][text name="APPARATUS" default=" "]

Upon arrival [textarea name="arrived" default=" "]

Pt complaint of [text name="CC" size = 55 default=" "] with a secondary complaint of [text name="CC" size = 55 default=" "]. Pt stated [textarea name="HX_OF_PRESENT_ILLNESS" default=" "]. Pt stated history of [textarea name="variable_1" default=" "].
[checkbox name="airway" value="airway open.|airway patent.|no airway obstuctions.|airway positioned to open.|airway not patent.|obstructions to airway.|requires airway adjunct.|requires advanced airway.|requires artificial ventilation."][text name="airway" default=" "]
[checkbox name="breathing" value="breathing spontaneously.|breathing regular.|adequate respirations.|appropriate tidal volume.|no apparent life threats to breathing.|not breathing spontaneously.|irregular respirations.|inadequate respirations.|inadequate tidal volume.|apparent life threats to breathing."][text name="breathing" default=" "]
[checkbox name="circulation" value="no obvious bleeding.|pulses intact.|skin color appropriate.|cap refill <2seconds.|no life threats to circulation status.|hemorrhage present.|hemorrhage controlled.|tq applied.|pulses not intact.|skin color not appropriate.|cap refill >2 seconds.|life threatening concerns with circulation."][text name="ros_constitutional" default=" "]
[checkbox name="ros_constitutional_check" value="no fever.|no chills.|no weakness.|no fatigue.|fever.|chills.|weakness."][text name="ros_constitutional" default=" "]
[checkbox name="ros_heent_check" value="no vision changes.|No ear pain.|no nasal congestion.|no sore throat.|no cough."][text name="ros_heent" default=" "]
[checkbox name="ros_cardio_check" value="No chest pain|no palpitations.|no swelling of extremities.|chest pain.|palpitations.|swelling of extremities."][text name="ros_cardio" default=" "]
[checkbox name="ros_resp_check" value="No shortness of breath.|no hemoptysis.|no dyspnea.|shortness of breath.|hemoptysis.|dyspnea."][text name="ros_resp" default=" "]
[checkbox name="ros_gi_check" value="No change in appetite.|no abdominal pain.|no hematemesis.|change in appetite.|no N/V/D.|Abdominal pain.|hematemesis.|Nausea.|Vomiting.|Diarrhea."][text name="ros_gi" default=" "]
[checkbox name="ros_gu_check" value="no urinary frequency.|no urinary urgency.|no dysuria.|no hematuria.|no leakage of urine.|urinary frequency.|urinary urgency.|dysuria.|hematuria.|leakage of urine."][text name="ros_gu" default=" "]
[checkbox name="ros_msk_check" value="no back pain.|no joint pain.|no muscle aches.|no generalized muscle pain.|no neck pain.|back pain.|joint pain.|muscle aches.|generalized mucle pain.|neck pain."][text name="ros_msk" default=" "]-Skin: [checkbox name="ros_skin_check" value="no rash.|no bruising.|no lesions.|no itching.|rash.|bruising.|lesions.|itching."][text name="ros_skin" default=" "]
[checkbox name="ros_neuro_check" value="no headache.|no dizziness.|no syncope.|no loss of consciousness.|headache.|dizziness.|syncope.|loss of consciousness."][text name="ros_neuro" default=" "]
[checkbox name="ros_psych_check" value="denies Suicide ideation/homicide ideation.|No hallucination.|No depression.|no anxiety.|Suicide ideation\homicide ideation.|hallucinations.|depressed.|anxious."][text name="ros_psych" default=" "]
[checkbox name="ros_endo_check" value="no heat/cold intolerance.|no excessive thirst.|no polyuria.|heat intolerance.|cold intolerance.|excessive thirst.|polyuria"][text name="ros_endo" default=" "]
[checkbox name="ros_heme_check" value="no excessive bruising.|no excessive bleeding.|excessive bruising.|excessive bleeding."][text name="ros_heme" default=" "] Vitals were as follows: BP;[text name="pe_bp" default=" "] P;[text name="pe_pulse" default=" "] SPO2;[text name="pe_spo2" default=" "] BGL;[text name="pe_bgl" default=" "] HEENT assessment found [checkbox name="pe_heent_check" value="normocephalic.|atraumatic.|PERRLA.|white sclera.|conjuntiva pink/red|ears patent.|no bleeding.|bleeding.|positive HALO test.|negative HALO test.|dry mucous membranes.|extra salivation. |normal mucous.|normal pharynx.|no trauma to mouth.|trauma to face.|trauma to mouth."][text name="pe_heent" default=" "] Cardiovascular assessment found [checkbox name="pe_cardio_check" value="Regular rate and rhythm.|no ST elevation.|no jugular vein distention.|no edema.|peripheral pulses intact.|no cyanosis.|capillary refill < 2 seconds.|irregular rate.|irregular rhythm.|ST elevation present.|JVD present.|edema present.|no peripheral pulses.|cyanosis present.|capillary refill greater than 2 seconds.|bleeding.|trauma.|atraumatic."][text name="pe_cardio" default=" "] Respiratory assessment found [checkbox name="pe_resp_check" value="Clear to Auscultation bilaterally.|no rales, rhonchi, wheezes.|no retractions.|no accessory muscles being used.|no stridor.|wheezing.|upper respiratory congestion."][text name="pe_resp" default=" "] GI assessment found[checkbox name="pe_gi_check" value="atrumatic.|BS present in all 4 quadrants.|abdomen soft/nontender to palpation.|nondistended.|No rigidity.|no guarding.|no masses."][text name="pe_gi" default=" "] MSK assessment found [checkbox name="pe_msk_check" value="normal Range of movement.|no pain on palpation.|strength 5/5 in all extremities.|abnormal range of motion.|pain on palpation.|strength not present in all extremities.|"][text name="pe_msk" default=" "] Skin [checkbox name="pe_skin_check" value="no rash.|no lesion.|no discoloration.|pink.|warm.|dry.|pale.|cool.|cyanotic.|flushed.|clammy.|hot."][text name="pe_skin" default=" "] Neurological assessment found [checkbox name="pe_neuro_check" value="Grossly oriented X 4.|gait normal.|sensation intact.|normal reflexes.|smile normal.|speech not slured.|Neuro not grossly intact.|gait abnormal.|sensation absent.|no reflexes.|smile not symmetrical.|slurred speech."][text name="pe_neuro" default=" "]
[checkbox name="pe_psych_check" value="Pleasant, calm and cooperative.|Judgement and insight intact.|makes a plan.|understands treatment.|thought process normal.|normal affect.|unpleasant.|not calm.| not cooperative.|does not make plan.|does not understand treatment."][text name="pe_psych" default=" "]

Primary Impression: [text name="PI" size = 55 default=" "]

Secondary Impression: [text name="SI" size = 55 default=" "]

TREATMENT:[textarea name="Treatment" default=" "]

Report given to [checkbox name="pe_rep_check" value="Verbal report to nurse.|belongings left with nurse.|improvement in patient condition.|decline in patient condition.|no change in patient condition."][text name="pe_rep" default=" "]





Upon arrival

Pt complaint of with a secondary complaint of . Pt stated
. Pt stated history of


Vitals were as follows: BP; P; SPO2; BGL; HEENT assessment found Cardiovascular assessment found Respiratory assessment found GI assessment found MSK assessment found Skin Neurological assessment found

Primary Impression:

Secondary Impression:


Report given to


Result - Copy and paste this output:

Sandbox Metrics: Structured Data Index 0.4, 67 form elements, 59 boilerplate words, 35 text boxes, 5 text areas, 27 checkboxes, 271 total clicks
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