Inpatient Running the List (4/28)

[comment memo=Font:Tahoma,Size:11]
Name: [text name="variable_1" default="Doe, Jane"]
DOB: [date name="variable_2" default="04-26-2023"]
Gender: [select name="variable_3" value="Female|Male|Other"]
Code Status:[select name="variable_4" value="Full Code|DNR + CCA|DNR + CCC"]
PT insurance: [text name="variable_5" default=""]

Brief HPI:[text name="variable_100" default="#"] yo [select name="variable_101" value="Male|Female|Other"] with PMHx [text name="variable_102" default=""] presents to [text name="variable_1" default=""] with cc [text name="variable_103" default=""]. Was admitted to [text name="variable_104" default=""] for [text name="variable_105" default=""].

Last 24 HR:
[textarea name="variable_7" default="SHORT Bulleted Update"]
[comment memo="Overnight Events:"]
[textarea name="variable_8" default="PT had no acute events overnight."]
[comment memo="Last 2-3 Hrs:"]
[textarea name="variable_9" default=" PT was seen and examined at bedside this AM or PM. PT states:... Discussed..."]
Last bowel movement: [text name="variable_500" default="date, time, stool bristol cat."]

Assessment & Plan
#[text name="variable_10" default="Problem 1"]
[textarea name="variable_11" default="Plan]

#[text name="variable_12" default="Problem 2"]
[textarea name="variable_13" default="Plan]

#[text name="variable_14" default="Problem 3"]
[textarea name="variable_15" default="Plan]

Discharge Planning: 
[textarea name="variable_16" default="What do we need for discharge?"]

Next steps (for PT):
[textarea name="variable_17" default="Short & sweet outline of next steps for PT to follow."]

Code Status:
PT insurance:

Brief HPI: yo with PMHx presents to with cc . Was admitted to for .

Last 24 HR:

Overnight Events:

Last 2-3 Hrs:

Last bowel movement:

Assessment & Plan



Discharge Planning:

Next steps (for PT):

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