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Area Ambulance Service [text default="UNIT NUMBER"] dispatched for; [text default="DISPATCH REASON" size=50]. Dispatched with [text default="FIRE/PD/OTHER" size=50]. Enroute emergent [select name="variable_1" value="***CHOOSE ONE***|with lights and sirens.|without lights and sirens.|initially lights and sirens then downgraded to no lights and sirens by *****.| initially no lights and sirens then upgraded to lights and sirens by *****."] [text default="***ADDITIONAL DISPATCH INFORMATION***" size=50]

Arrived onscene to [textarea name="variable_1" default="sample text"].
Area Ambulance Service dispatched for; . Dispatched with . Enroute emergent

Arrived onscene to

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Sandbox Metrics: Structured Data Index 0.17, 6 form elements, 12 boilerplate words, 4 text boxes, 1 text areas, 1 drop downs, 6 total clicks
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