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Patient [checkbox value="took medications|completed ADL's|with staff support|without staff support"]. Patient [checkbox value="met with treatment team|refused to meet with treatment team|reported their mood as happy|reported their mood as good|reported being in the green zone"]. [text size="20"]. Patient [checkbox value="denied all risk factors |including anxiety|including depression|reported seeing ghosts when looking at the floor"]. [text size="20"]. Patient [checkbox value="was active in the milieu|was isolative"]. [text size="30"]. Patient [checkbox value="ate well for |breakfast|lunch|dinner"]. Patient [checkbox value="maintained safety|did not maintain safety"]. [text size="30"]. Staff will [checkbox value="continue to monitor and support patient"]. MSewall RN
Patient . Patient . . Patient . . Patient . . Patient . Patient . . Staff will . MSewall RN

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