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[checkbox name="Q1" value="A-OK Physical Exam|Chicken Pox|Normal - Croup Suspected"]

[conditional field="Q1" condition="(Q1).is('A-OK Physical Exam')"]
CONSTITUTIONAL: Well-nourished, well-developed, appears stated age
EYES: PERRL, no conjunctival injection
EARS/NOSE/MOUTH/THROAT: Normocephalic, atraumatic, neck supple without meningismus
CARDIOVASCULAR: Regular rate and rhythm, warm, well-perfused extremities
RESPIRATORY: Clear to auscultation bilaterally, unlabored respiratory effort
GASTROINTESTINAL: Soft, non-tender, non-distended, no masses
MUSCULOSKELETAL: No gross deformities appreciated
INTEGUMENTARY: Warm, dry. No rashes
NEUROLOGICAL: Alert, CNs II-XII grossly intact, sensation and motor function of extremities grossly intact
PSYCHIATRIC: Appropriate mood and affect

[conditional field="Q1" condition="(Q1).is('Chicken Pox')"]

CONSTITUTIONAL: The patient is alert, NAD. Non-toxic appearing.
EYES: PERRL, conjunctiva normal. lids are normal.
EARS/NOSE: canals and tympanic membranes intact and without erythema bilaterally.
MOUTH/THROAT: no ulcers or vesicles. no erythema or exudate at posterior pharynx.
HEART: RR, normal heart sounds, no murmur.
LUNG: clear without rhonchi or wheezes.
INTEGUMENTARY: no vesicular eruption typical of varicella, no areas of impetiginization.
EXTREMITIES: capillary refill less than 2 seconds.


[conditional field="Q1" condition="(Q1).is('Normal - Croup Suspected')"]

General Appearance: no acute respiratory distress.  Non-toxic appearing.  Without barky cough or hoarse voice.
Ears: bilaterally intact TMs without bulging or erythema.
Throat: normal, without exudate or tonsillar hypertrophy.
Lymph nodes: normal, without anterior or posterior cervical adenopathy.
Heart: RR, no murmur/click, S3/S4.
Lungs: clear.  No nasal flaring.  No intercostal retractions.  No stridor.  No wheezes, rhonchi, or crackles.
Abdomen: normal bowel sounds, soft, nontender.
Extremities:  Capillary refill is normal, less than 2 seconds.
Skin: Color is good, without cyanosis.


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