SOAP note

[textarea name="variable_preamble"]Preamble
Reason for contact
Contact type - phone, home visit, clinic[/textarea]

[textarea name="variable_subjective"]Subjective/History
what the patient/caregivers said.
Character (sharp, dull, etc.)
Alleviating/Aggravating factors
Temporal pattern (every morning, all day, etc.)
Symptoms associated
[link memo="History Templates" url=""] [comment memo_color="red" memo="&"] [link memo="Review Of Systems (ROS)" url=""] [comment memo_color="red" memo="&"] [link memo="Popular ROS template" url=""]

[textarea name="variable_objective"]Objective/Observation/Examination
what was assessed, measured, observed, witnessed
[link url="" memo="Popular template"] [comment memo_color="red" memo="&"] [link memo="More templates" url=""] [comment memo_color="red" memo="&"] [link url="" memo="Lab fishbone"]

[textarea name="variable_assessment"]Assessment/Impression
Differential considerations[/textarea]

[textarea name="variable_plan"]Plan/Treatment
What happens next?
Reasons for any changes to care plan.
How to monitor?
Who is going to do what, how often, starting
Date/timeframe for next expected contact.
Referring elsewhere? Who to, what for, and when
was it done?
If it is a final contact, reasons for discharge.
Details of advice given or education material issued.[/textarea]
[link memo="Templates" url=""] [comment memo_color="red" memo="&"] [link memo="Differential diagnosis" url=""] [comment memo_color="red" memo="&"] [link memo="Imaging" url=""] [comment memo_color="red" memo="&"] [link url="" memo="Patient education"]
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notes & references:
[link memo="#1" url=""] Podder V, Lew V, Ghassemzadeh S. SOAP Notes. [Updated 2022 Aug 29]. In: StatPearls [Internet]. Treasure Island (FL): StatPearls Publishing; 2023 Jan-.[/conditional]

History Templates & Review Of Systems (ROS) & Popular ROS template

Popular template & More templates & Lab fishbone

Templates & Differential diagnosis & Imaging & Patient education
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