Abdomen Focused

Vital signs: T [text size="4"] F, HR [text size="4"] bpm, RR [text size="4"], BP [text size="4"]/[text size="4"], SpO2 [text size="2"]% [select value="RA|2LNC|"]
Abdomen inspection: [checkbox value="flat|nondistended|rounded|gastrostomy tube|gross ascites|no ascites|ostomy tube|reddened|scaphoid|surgical scar ___|taut|bulging"]. Bowel sounds [checkbox value="active|hypoactive|hyperactive|absent|present|audible|high-pitched|passing flatus|in all four quadrants|"]. Palpation: [checkbox value="soft|guarding|no guarding|mass|nontender|no rebound|rigid|tenderness|"]. Date of last BM [date], [checkbox value="small|medium|large|loose|watery|diarrhea|soft|formed|normal|noted with blood|noted with mucus|"] [select name="medications" value="Denies|c/o|"] [checkbox value="none|bloating|constipation|cramping|diarrhea|distention|abdominal pain/discomfort|gas|heartburn|loss of appetite|nausea|vomiting|"].[checkbox name="interventions" value="Encouraged to use toilet to move bowels|encouraged to ambulate to bathroom|provide privacy when using toilet|offer bedpan|encourage intake of high fiber diet|encouraged to drink more fluids|pharmacological "][checkbox name="medications" value="Senna|offer MOM|offer Dulcolax if MOM ineffective|offer enema if Dulcolax ineffective|inform MD (comment)|hold stool softeners/laxatives|"]
Vital signs: T F, HR bpm, RR , BP /, SpO2 %
Abdomen inspection: . Bowel sounds . Palpation: . Date of last BM , .

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Sandbox Metrics: Structured Data Index 0.63, 16 form elements, 18 boilerplate words, 6 text boxes, 1 dates, 7 checkboxes, 2 drop downs, 79 total clicks
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