Abdominal Exam

[checkbox memo="Short Version" name="short" value=""][conditional field="short" condition="(short).is('')"][textarea cols=80 rows=5 default="ABDOMEN: soft, flat, nontender without masses or hepatosplenomegaly. Bowel sounds active. No bruits."][/conditional][checkbox memo="Long Version" name="long" value=""][conditional field="long" condition="(long).is('')"][textarea cols=80 rows=5 default="ABDOMEN: ***obese/soft/flat/rigid/distended/tympany to percussion/hepatomegaly/splenomegaly/RUQ scar/midline scar/RLQ scar/suprapubic scar/right flank scar/left flank scar***
[textarea cols=80 rows=5 default="***bowel sounds active/decreased bowel sounds/increased bowel sounds/no bruits/abdominal bruit at ---/right femoral artery bruit/left femoral artery bruit/bilateral femoral bruits***"]
[textarea cols=80 rows=5 default="***no guarding/no rebound tenderness/no abdominal tenderness to palpation/suprapubic tenderness/diffuse tenderness/tender to palpation at ---/RLQ tenderness/rebound tenderness/diminished bowel sounds/hyperactive bowel sounds/guarding/Rovsing's positive/mass at ---/hernia at ---***"][/conditional]
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