1 Week Assessment/Plan
1 Week History
11 to 14 Year History
11 to 18 Year Assessment/Plan
12 Month Assessment/Plan
12 Month History
15 Month Assessment/Plan
15 Month History
15 to 18 Year History
2 Month Assessment/Plan
2 Month History
2 To 6 Year Prevention History
2 Year Assessment/Plan
2 Year History
3 Year Assessment/Plan
3 Year History
4 Month Assessment/Plan
4 Month History
4 Year Assessment/Plan
4 Year History
5 Year History
5 Year Plan
6 Month Assessment/Plan
6 Month History
6 To 10 Year Assessment/Plan
6 To 10 Year History
9 Month Assessment/Plan
Acute Pediatric Exams
Adapted Centor Score for Streptococcal Pharyngitis
ADHD – Conners’ Index History
CHALICE (Children’s Head injury ALgorithm for the prediction of Important Clinical Events) Rule
children ooh
constipation treatment for children
Cough Peds
Croup Assessment/Plan
Croup History
DSM-IV Criteria for diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
DUTY Prediction Rule for Children with Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
EL – Pediatric
Fever Assessment/Plan
Fever Exam
Fever History
FeverPAIN Score for Streptococcal Pharyngitis
Fussiness History
General Pediatric Exams
Health Maintenance Exam
Health Maintenance Visit
Health Maintenance Visit – Pediatrics
HPI pediatrics
Lead Screening
negative sports physical review
Newborn Admission Note
Newborn Dismissal Summary
Newborn Dismissal Warnings
Newborn Progress Note
Newborn visit (2-3 days old)
Otitis Media Assessment/Plan
Otitis Media Exam
Otitis Media Tool
Pediatric Cardiovascular Exam
Pediatric Early Warning Score
Pediatric H&P v2
Pediatric HPI – Generic all ages
Pediatric Oral Medication Dosing Tables
Pediatric Physical Exams
Persistent Postconcussion Symptom Risk Decision Tool
Pharyngitis History
Red Flags in a Child with Diarrhea
Screening and Contraindication Checklist for Sports Participation
Screening Questions for Bullying
Sports Pre-Participation Examination
Sports Pre-Participation Examination – Athlete or Parent Section
Step-by-Step Approach for Determining Risk in Infants with Fever of Unknown Etiology
Strep Throat Decision Tool – Modified Centor Score
WCC- 1 Month
Well child – 0 mo
Well child – 12 mo
Well child – 15 mo
Well child – 18 mo
Well child – 2 mo
Well child – 24 mo
Well child – 30 mo
Well child – 4 mo
Well child – 6 mo
Well child – 9 mo
Yale Observation Scale for Children 3-36 Months