Subjective/History Elements

# Orientation
1 Week History
11 to 14 Year History
12 Month History
15 Month History
15 to 18 Year History
2 Month History
2 To 6 Year Prevention History
2 Year Assessment/Plan
2 Year History
3 Year History
4 Month History
4 Year History
5 Year History
6 Month History
6 To 10 Year History
Abdominal Pain History
Acute Headache/Migraine HPI
Acute Neurologic Changes – History
ADHD – Conners’ Index History
Adult ADHD Followup ASRS Scale
Allergic Rhinitis History
Altered Level of Consciousness History
Assault History
Asthma History
Back Pain History and Exam
BATHE Technique Checklist
Bite Wound History
Bronchitis History
Burn History
Cardiology HPI
Cardiology HPI
Cardiology HPI
Chest Pain History
Chronic Rhinitis HPI
Cognitive Problems History
Contraception HPI
Cough History
Cough HPI
Croup History
Diabetes Mellitus History
Diabetic Foot Ulcer History
Dizziness History
DOD CC/HPI/ROS alternate
Dyspnea History
Fall Or Syncopal Episode History
Female Genitourinary GU Symptoms HPI
Female Genitourinary History
Female Review of Systems
Fever History
Fever History
Fussiness History
Gastroenteritis History
Gastroenteritis History
Gastrointestinal Symptoms HPI
General note
General ROS
Generic Symptom HPI
Geriatric Comprehensive History
GI Bleeding History
Head Injury History
Headache History
Headache New CJ
History Of Present Illness
Infeksion prova
Influenza History
Initiating Contraception History
Injury History
Low Back Pain/Injury History
Lower Extremity Pain/Injury History
Male Genitourinary GU Symptoms HPI
Male genitourinary symptoms history
Medic/Nurse/Scribe History – Peds Well Visits and Sports Evaluation
Medic/Nurse/Scribe History – Soldier Acute/Followup Visits
Medic/Nurse/Scribe History – Adult Acute Visits
Medic/Nurse/Scribe History – Adult Chronic/Followup Visits
Medicare History
Medicine Admission HPI Maker
Motor Vehicle Accident History
Occupational History
Pain History
Pain History – Pain Scales
Palpitations History
Per tu perdorur si drejtim
Pharyngitis History
Po bej prova per te rregullluar
Pre-Anesthesia Medical Examination History
Pregnancy-Related Symptoms
PWF1 – Addl hx and questionnaires – Physician Workflow Part 1
Rash History
Referrals/Meds/Tests Request HPI
ROS Checklist
ROS fierce
ROS text
RPS checkbox
SARS CoV 2 – Consult – antibody screening – Rod
Scabies History
Seizure History
Soap 1
Sports Pre-Participation Examination – Athlete or Parent Section
Stye History
Subjective-Comprehensive New or Annual
Subjective-Expanded focus
Subjuctive and Objective
Travel Counseling History
Upper Back Pain History
Upper Extremity Pain/Injury History
Urinary Tract Infection History
Vaginitis History
Varicella History
Viral Infection History
Well Woman Encounter HPI
WHMC – SOAP Follow up Note