Allergy & Otolaryngology
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Patient is currently displaying [select value="symptoms of|well managed|moderately managed|poorly managed"] [checkbox value="anxiety|depression|ADHD|sleep disturbance|psychosis|substance abuse|impulsivity|mood disorder|personality disorder|behavioral issues|bipolar disorder"]likely caused by [select value="psychosocial stressors|positive response to medication|adverse reaction to medication"]. Patient would benefit from [select value="continuing with current treatment|increase of current medication|decrease of current medication|discontinuing current medication|start of new medication|psychotherapy"]. Prognosis is [select value="good|fair|poor"] considering the patient [select value="remains adherent to|actively engages in|is not currently responding to"] treatment.
Barriers to success include:
[checkbox value="apprehension to engage in treatment|apprehension to engage in psychotherapy|emotional distress|limited social supports|dysfunctional interpersonal relationships"]
Strengths for success include:
[checkbox value="willingness to engage in treatment recommendations|positive social supports"]
Patient is currently displaying likely caused by . Patient would benefit from . Prognosis is considering the patient treatment.
Barriers to success include:

Strengths for success include:

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