Sortable box for patient who fell in the waiting room of the clinic

[textarea name="variable_1" sortable="true" rows=12]1 Determine whether there was loss of consciousness
2 Trauma - evaluate for injuries, c-spine precautions if needed
3 Stroke - headache, vision change, smile, raise arms, repeat a simple sentence (and other appropriate history/exam)
4 Seizure - check for injuries, postictal state, associated injuries
5 Hypoglycemia - check a fingerstick glucose, provide juice if needed
6 Arrhythmia - check an EKG, send home with monitor?
7 Orthostasis - get orthostatic vital signs, hydration status, characterize recent intake, IV or oral measures
8 Medications - interactions, missed/extra/wrong doses, address polypharmacy if possible
9 Generalized weakness - Elicit information from patient or caregiver regarding recent falls at home, provide wheelchair if needed
10 Vertigo - rotational component history, nystagmus
11 Get history from witnesses if time permits
12 Look in the chart if it's available[/textarea]

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