Medication Administration

Medication Administration:Time: [text name="time" default=""]
Medication Administered: [select name="med" value="Adenosine|Albuterol 0.083%|Aspirin|Atropine|Calcium Chloride|D10|Diphenhydramine|Epinephrine 1 mg / mL|Epinephrine 1 mg / 10 mL|Glucagon||Lidocaine|Magnesium|Midazolam|Naloxone |Nitroglycerin|Nitropaste|Ondansetron|Oxymetazoline 0.05% (Afrin)|Sodium Bicarbonate|Enalaprit|Methylprednisone|Norepinephrine"][text name="other_med" default=" "]
Dose: [text name="Dose" default=""]
Method: [select name="method" value="IVP|IV Drip|IV Bolus|IV Piggy Back|Inhalation|Oral|Sublingual"]
[select name="DEA" value="Desired Effects were achieved|No change in patient noted"]
Medication Administration:Time:
Medication Administered:

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