OMI Tool

ST-elevation in lead V4 (mm): [text name="st_v4"]
ST-elevation in lead V5 (mm): [text name="st_v5"]
ST-elevation in lead V6 (mm): [text name="st_v6"]
T-wave amplitude in lead II (mm): [text name="t_ii"]
T-wave amplitude in lead I (mm): [text name="t_i"]
T-wave amplitude in lead aVF (mm): [text name="t_avf"]

[conditional field="st_v4,st_v5,st_v6,t_ii,t_i,t_avf" condition="((st_v4)+(st_v5)+(t_ii)).isGreaterOrEqual(0.5)&&((st_v5)+(st_v6)+(t_i)).isGreaterOrEqual(0.5)&&((st_v4)+(t_ii)).isGreaterOrEqual(0.5)"]OMI ruled in.[/conditional]
[conditional field="st_v4,st_v5,st_v6,t_ii,t_i,t_avf" condition="((st_v4)+(st_v5)+(t_ii)).isLess(0.5)||((st_v5)+(st_v6)+(t_i)).isLess(0.5)||((st_v4)+(t_ii)).isLess(0.5)"]OMI ruled out.[/conditional]

[remark]This tool helps clinicians rule in or out an Occlusion Myocardial Infarction (OMI) based on specific ECG measurements. It uses a combination of ST-elevation and T-wave amplitude in various leads.[/remark]
ST-elevation in lead V4 (mm):
ST-elevation in lead V5 (mm):
ST-elevation in lead V6 (mm):
T-wave amplitude in lead II (mm):
T-wave amplitude in lead I (mm):
T-wave amplitude in lead aVF (mm):

Result - Copy and paste this output:

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