Objective/Exam Elements, Ophthalmology
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[textarea name="variable_1" fillable="true" columns=80 rows=25 default="Eyes: ***Orbits, eyelids, conjunctivae and sclera are normal. Pupils are equal, round, reactive to light with extraocular movements intact. Vision is grossly intact, and funduscopic examination is unremarkable.***
external: brows, lids, and lashes ***intact/absent***
conjunctiva: ***pale/injected/mattery discharge/purulent discharge/foreign body visualized and removed/corneal abrasion visualized with fluorescein staining***
visual acuity: near (to small print) ***normal/impaired***, far ***/20 OS, ***/20 OD, ***/20 OU
funduscopic: ***macula present/hemorrhage/AV nicking/optic disc shows cup disc ratio of .3***
other abnormalities: ***strabismus/nystagmus/blepharitis/chalazion/hordeolum/subconjuntival hemorhage/arcus senilis/lenicular opacity/cells in anterior chamber***"]
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