Stye Assessment/Plan

Assessment & Plan Elements, Ophthalmology
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[textarea columns=80 rows=25 default="Assessment: ***Stye OD/Stye OS/Chalazion OD/Chalazion OS***
***right/left/bilateral*** ***upper lid/lower lid***
erythromycin ophthalmic ointment apply to affected eye tid until resolved
gentamicin drops 2 drops affected eye qid until resolved
gentamicin ointment apply tid to affected eye until resolved
Sulamyd 10% drops 2 drops affected eye qid until resolved
cephalexin 500 mg bid x 7 days
cephalexin ***dose*** bid x 7 days
warm compresses
referral to Ophthalmology
Follow up if symptoms not resolving or increasing. Follow up immediately if problems develop."]
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