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Body Mass Index (BMI)
<-- Height in inches
Lower limit of normal BMI (18.5): ---score4=((18.5)*(Height)*(Height)/(703)).toFixed(1) lbs
Upper limit of normal BMI (24.9): ---score10=((24.9)*(Height)*(Height)/(703)).toFixed(1) lbs
Possibly healthy overweight BMI (27.5): ---score11=((27.5)*(Height)*(Height)/(703)).toFixed(1) lbs
Upper limit of overweight BMI (29.9): ---score12=((29.9)*(Height)*(Height)/(703)).toFixed(1) lbs
Personalized blood pressure goal:

2013 ACC/AHA 10-Year ASCVD Risk Calculation
<-- Gender
<-- Age (years)
<-- Race
<-- Blood Pressure
<-- Systolic Blood Pressure
<-- Total Cholesterol
<-- LDL Cholesterol
<-- HDL Cholesterol
<-- Smoking Status
<-- Diabetes Mellitus Status

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Personalized Hemoglobin A1c Goals:
Age -->
Diabetes -->

Goal -->
Target and Maximum Heart Rate for Exercise
<-- Age
Maximum Heart Rate --> numberscore1=220-(Age)
Target Heart Rate for Physical Activity
Moderate-Intensity --> lowscore2=((.5)*(score1)).toFixed(0) to highscore3=((.7)*(score1)).toFixed(0) (50-70% of the maximum heart rate)
Vigorous-Intensity --> lowscore4=((.7)*(score1)).toFixed(0) to highscore5=((.85)*(score1)).toFixed(0) (70-85% of the maximum heart rate)
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If you'd like to lose weight, we have a program called MOVE which has helped many, many veterans lose weight. You don't need a referral to join this program and you can do it either virtually or in-person.

If you smoke, vape, or chew tobacco you should quit. We can provide you with strategies to quit, gum, patches, and other medications to help you quit.

If you drink alcohol, it's best to keep it to 1 drink at most per day if you're a woman and 2 drinks at most per day if you're a man. If any of your liver tests up above aren't normal, you should stop drinking.

If you have musculoskeletal problems with your back, neck, arms, or legs you can schedule a physical therapy appointment directly (you don't need a referral to do it). The number is 612-629-7797 extension 1.

If you'd like an eye exam, you can schedule that to be done here in our clinic, as well (and you don't need a referral to do it). The number if 507-252-0885.

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