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Authorized ACFT Events: 

-Maximum Deadlift (MDL): [select value="Yes|No"] [comment memo="min (MOD/SIG/HVY) 140/180/200lbs" memo_size="small"]
-Standing Power Throw (SPT): [select value="Yes|No"] [comment memo="min (MOD/SIG/HVY) 4.5/6.5/8.0m" memo_size="small"]
-Hand Release Pushup (HRP): [select value="Yes|No"] [comment memo="min (MOD/SIG/HVY) 10/20/30reps" memo_size="small"]
-Sprint Drag Carry (SDC): [select value="Yes|No"] [comment memo="min (MOD/SIG/HVY) 3:00/2:30/2:10min" memo_size="small"]
-Plank (PLK): [select value="Yes|No"] [comment memo="min (MOD/SIG/HVY) 1/3/5reps" memo_size="small"]
-[comment memo="*" memo_size="small" memo_color="orange"]2 Mile Run (2MR): [select name="Q32MR" value="Yes|No"] [comment memo="min (MOD/SIG/HVY) 21:00/19:00/18:00min" memo_size="small"]
[conditional field="Q32MR" condition="(Q32MR).is('No')"]-Authorized Alternate Aerobic Event(s): [comment memo="min- 25:00min" memo_size="small"]
 -15km bike: [select value="No|Yes"]
 -5km row: [select value="No|Yes"]
 -1km swim: [select value="No|Yes"]
 -2.5 mile walk: [select value="No|Yes"]
Authorized ACFT Events:

-Maximum Deadlift (MDL): min (MOD/SIG/HVY) 140/180/200lbs
-Standing Power Throw (SPT): min (MOD/SIG/HVY) 4.5/6.5/8.0m
-Hand Release Pushup (HRP): min (MOD/SIG/HVY) 10/20/30reps
-Sprint Drag Carry (SDC): min (MOD/SIG/HVY) 3:00/2:30/2:10min
-Plank (PLK): min (MOD/SIG/HVY) 1/3/5reps
-*2 Mile Run (2MR): min (MOD/SIG/HVY) 21:00/19:00/18:00min
-Authorized Alternate Aerobic Event(s): min- 25:00min
-15km bike:
-5km row:
-1km swim:
-2.5 mile walk:

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