E-profile ACFT Participation Recommendations

[checkbox memo="information" name="ACFTinformation" value=""][conditional field="ACFTinformation" condition="(ACFTinformation).is('')"][comment memo="The six events:
*(1) 3-Repetition Maximum Deadlift (MDL) - 60lbs trap bar and weights, deadlift maximal weight possible 3x - min (MOD/SIG/HVY) - 140/180/200lbs
(2) Standing Power Throw (SPT) - Throw 10lbs medicine ball backward and overhead for distance - min (MOD/SIG/HVY) - 4.5/6.5/8.0m
(3) Hand-Release Pushups with arm extension (HRP) - complete as many as possible in 2min - min (MOD/SIG/HVY) - 10/20/30reps
*(4) Sprint-Drag-Carry (SDC) - 5x50m shuttles - sprint, drag, lateral, carry, sprint - 2x40lbs kettlebells, 90lbs sled - min (MOD/SIG/HVY) - 3:00/2:30/2:10min
(5) Leg Tuck (LTK) - complete as many as possible in 2min - min (MOD/SIG/HVY) - 1/3/5reps
*(6) 2-Mile Run (2MR) - min (MOD/SIG/HVY) - 21:00/19:00/18:00min

Mandatory ACFT events have asterisk - MDL, SDC, and 2MR or alternate (15K stationary bike, 5K stationary row, 1K swim; min- 25:00min

For each event, answer if the soldier perform it at the minimum standard without UNDULY aggravating their medical condition?" memo_size="small"]
[/conditional][checkbox name="ACFTfreetext" memo="free text" value=""][conditional field="ACFTfreetext" condition="(ACFTfreetext).is('')"][textarea rows="6"]

[/conditional]Authorized ACFT Events: 

-[comment memo="*" memo_size="small" memo_color="orange"]Maximum Deadlift (MDL): [select value="Yes|No"] [comment memo="min (MOD/SIG/HVY) 140/180/200lbs" memo_size="small"]
-Standing Power Throw (SPT): [select value="Yes|No"] [comment memo="min (MOD/SIG/HVY) 4.5/6.5/8.0m" memo_size="small"]
-Hand Release Pushup (HRP): [select value="Yes|No"] [comment memo="min (MOD/SIG/HVY) 10/20/30reps" memo_size="small"]
-[comment memo="*" memo_size="small" memo_color="orange"]Sprint Drag Carry (SDC): [select value="Yes|No"] [comment memo="min (MOD/SIG/HVY) 3:00/2:30/2:10min" memo_size="small"]
-Leg Tuck (LTK): [select value="Yes|No"] [comment memo="min (MOD/SIG/HVY) 1/3/5reps" memo_size="small"]
-[comment memo="*" memo_size="small" memo_color="orange"]2 Mile Run (2MR): [select name="Q32MR" value="Yes|No"] [comment memo="min (MOD/SIG/HVY) 21:00/19:00/18:00min" memo_size="small"]
[conditional field="Q32MR" condition="(Q32MR).is('No')"]-Authorized Alternate Aerobic Event(s): [comment memo="min- 25:00min" memo_size="small"]
 -15km bike: [select value="No|Yes"]
 -5km row: [select value="No|Yes"]
 -1km swim: [select value="No|Yes"]
[/conditional][checkbox memo="add OTSG guidance disclaimer" memo_size="small" name="OTSGblurb" value=""][conditional field="OTSGblurb" condition="(OTSGblurb).is('')"]
[textarea default="Per OTSG guidance, during FY20 ACFT training and testing period no administrative action will be made for Soldiers unable to perform certain ACFT events. Until final Army Senior Leader's determination on retention and the ACFT becomes the test of record, Soldiers on permanent profiles can participate in anywhere from 1 to 6 of the events." cols="80" rows="6"][/conditional][checkbox name="ACFTreferences" value="references"][conditional field="ACFTreferences" condition="(ACFTreferences).is('references')"][link url="//www.army.mil/acft/" memo="#1"]: Army ACFT Site
[link url="//www.army.mil/e2/downloads/rv7/acft/fy20_standards.pdf" memo="#2"] Army ACFT Standards[/conditional]
information free textAuthorized ACFT Events:

-*Maximum Deadlift (MDL): min (MOD/SIG/HVY) 140/180/200lbs
-Standing Power Throw (SPT): min (MOD/SIG/HVY) 4.5/6.5/8.0m
-Hand Release Pushup (HRP): min (MOD/SIG/HVY) 10/20/30reps
-*Sprint Drag Carry (SDC): min (MOD/SIG/HVY) 3:00/2:30/2:10min
-Leg Tuck (LTK): min (MOD/SIG/HVY) 1/3/5reps
-*2 Mile Run (2MR): min (MOD/SIG/HVY) 21:00/19:00/18:00min
add OTSG guidance disclaimer

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