Hand Off via Running Discharge Summary

Patient Information: [textarea name="patient_information" default="Patient Information"]
Reason for Hospitalization: [textarea name="reason" default="Reason"]
Discharge Diagnoses: [textarea name="discharge_diagnoses" default="Discharge Diagnoses"]
Active Hospital Course: [textarea name="active_hospital_course" default="Active Hospital Course"]
Condition: [textarea name="condition" default="Current Condition (code status, sick or not sick, diet, activity, isolation)"]
Wounds: [textarea name="wounds" default="Wounds"]
Indwelling Devices: [textarea name="indwelling_devices" default="Indwelling Devices"]
Significant Findings: [textarea name="significant_findings" default="Significant Findings"]
Pending Findings: [textarea name="pending_findings" default="Pending Findings"]
Procedures and Treatments: [textarea name="procedures_treatments" default="Procedures and Treatments"]
Consultations: [textarea name="consultations" default="Consultations"]
Overnight To-Do: [textarea name="overnight_to_do" default="Overnight To-Do (including contingency plan)"]
Nursing: [textarea name="nursing" default="Nursing (pain plan, diet status, procedures)"]
Patient Instructions: [textarea name="patient_discharge_instructions" default="Patient Discharge Instructions"]
Family Instructions: [textarea name="family_discharge" default="Family Discharge Instructions"]
Recommended Outpatient Evaluations/Appointments:  [textarea name="outpatient_evaluations" default="Recommended Outpatient Evaluations"]
Medication Reconciliation: [textarea name="medication_reconciliation" default="Medication Reconciliation"]
Summary by Received: [textarea name="summary_by_received" default="Summary by Received"]
[checkbox memo="display/hide references" name="footnotes" value=""][conditional field="footnotes" condition="(footnotes).isNot('')"]
Reference: [link url="https://www.mdedge.com/jcomjournal/article/152975/practice-management/evaluation-enhanced-discharge-summary-template" memo="#1"] Smith, C, Beachy, M, Vasey, A, Langenhan, T, Shiffermiller, J; Evaluation of an Enhanced Discharge Summary Template: Building a Better Handoff Document. Journal of Clinical Outcomes Management. 2017 Dec; 24(12): 542-550.[/conditional]
Patient Information:
Reason for Hospitalization:
Discharge Diagnoses:
Active Hospital Course:
Indwelling Devices:
Significant Findings:
Pending Findings:
Procedures and Treatments:
Overnight To-Do:
Patient Instructions:
Family Instructions:
Recommended Outpatient Evaluations/Appointments:
Medication Reconciliation:
Summary by Received:
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