Ingrown Toenail

Ingrown Toenail Procedure
[checkbox name="subjective" memo="Subjective" value=" "][checkbox name="objective" memo="Objective" value=" "][checkbox name="assessment" memo="Assessment/Plan" value=" "]
[conditional field="subjective" condition="(subjective).is(' ')"]Subjective:  The history was provided by [text].  Patient has had [text] days of pain at [select value="left|right|bilateral"] great toe.  Margin of nail affected [select value="medial|lateral|both"].  Swelling [select value="is|is not"] present.  Drainage [select value="is|is not"] present.  Patient [select value="has|does not have"] prior history of ingrown nails.  Patient [select value="has|does not have"] diabetes mellitus.  [text memo="other details..."][/conditional]
[conditional field="objective" condition="(objective).is(' ')"]Objective:  [select value="Left|Right|Bilateral"] great toenail is painful over the [select value="medial|lateral|both"] margin.  There is [select  value="purulent|serous|bloody|no"] drainage.  There is [select value="swelling|inflammation|obvious infection|erythema|no swelling or erythema"].  Range of motion of the toe is [select value="normal|reduced"][text memo="other details..."][/conditional]
[conditional field="assessment" condition="(assessment).is(' ')"]Assessment/Plan:  Ingrown toenail [select value="left|right|bilateral"].  [checkbox value="Antibiotics.  |Phenol-Alcohol procedure, see procedure note.  |Instructed in appropriate nail care.  |Soak in warm water 20-30 minutes twice a day.  |Follow up if new, worsening, or persisting symptoms.  "][text memo="other details..."][/conditional]
Ingrown Toenail Procedure
Subjective Objective Assessment/Plan

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