MRO Results

Employee Name: [text name="fullname" default="LASTNAME, Firstname"]
Test Type:     [select name="test_type" value="Pre-employment|Fitness for Duty"]
Date of Test:  [text name="date_collected"]
UDS Substances found: [checklist name="UDS_substances" value="THC metabolites|amphetamines|opioids/opioid metabolits|cocaine/cocaine metabolites|PCP|amphetamines"]

MRO Results for [var name="fullname"] ([var name="test_type"])
Urine Drug Screen [select name="final_result" value="negative|positive|cancelled|refused|dilute and negative|dilute and positive"]
[conditional field="final_result" condition="(final_result).is('negative')"]Cleared for employment[/conditional][conditional field="final_result" condition="(final_result).is('positive')|(final_result).is('dilute and positive')"] for [var name="UDS_substances"][/conditional]
Employee Name:
Test Type:
Date of Test:
UDS Substances found:

MRO Results for fullname (test_type)
Urine Drug Screen

Result - Copy and paste this output:

Sandbox Metrics: Structured Data Index 0.6, 10 form elements, 16 boilerplate words, 2 text boxes, 1 check lists, 2 drop downs, 3 variables, 2 conditionals, 10 total clicks
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