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Norton Scale for Predicting Pressure Sore Risk [link memo="See Also Braden Scale" url="//"]

[select name="Q1" value="Good (4 points)=4|Fair (3 points)=3|Poor (2 points)=2|Very Bad (1 point)=1"] <-- Physical condition
[select name="Q2" value="Alert (4 points)=4|Apathetic (3 points)=3|Confused (2 points)=3|Stupor (1 point)=1"] <-- Mental condition
[select name="Q3" value="Ambulant (4 points)=4|Walk/help (3 points)=3|Chairbound (2 points)=2|Bed (1 point)=1"] <-- Activity
[select name="Q4" value="Full (4 points)=4|Slightly (3 points)=3|Very limited (2 points)=2|Immobile (1 point)=1"] <-- Mobility
[select name="Q5" value="Not (4 points)=4|Occasional (3 points)=3|Usually/urine (2 points)=2|Doubly (1 point)=1"] <-- Incontinent
Result --> [calc memo="score" value="score=(Q1)+(Q2)+(Q3)+(Q4)+(Q5)"] out of 20
Interpretation --> [calc memo="Risk" value="score1=(Q1)+(Q2)+(Q3)+(Q4)+(Q5);score1>13?'Not at high risk for pressure ulcer development':'High risk of pressure ulcer development'"]
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[link url="" memo="#1"] Norton D. Calculating the risk: reflections on the Norton Scale. Decubitus. 1989 Aug;2(3):24-31. Erratum in: Decubitus 1989 Nov;2(4):10.[/conditional]
Norton Scale for Predicting Pressure Sore Risk See Also Braden Scale

<-- Physical condition
<-- Mental condition
<-- Activity
<-- Mobility
<-- Incontinent
Result --> scorescore=(Q1)+(Q2)+(Q3)+(Q4)+(Q5) out of 20
Interpretation --> Riskscore1=(Q1)+(Q2)+(Q3)+(Q4)+(Q5);score1>13?'Not at high risk for pressure ulcer development':'High risk of pressure ulcer development'
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