A bunch of people have posted forms, calculators, checklists, and note templates on the site. Hopefully you'll be able to find what you need. There are lists of most frequently viewed and most favorited which may be helpful. There's a breakdown of the number and type of form elements for each template and calculator near the bottom of each listing, as well. That may help you find (or design) a template which meets your needs. When you fill out a form and finally click 'Calculate Result,' you get output you can paste wherever you need to put it. It's really as simple as that. You don't need to register with the site to use it this way. Although we really want you to log in, there is actually a way to save your work and come back to it even if you haven't registered. But not all of the templates and calculators on the site have this feature.


It’s free to set up your account. There are no fees to use any of the features on the site.

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My SOAPnote Page

You can save favorite tools and make your own checklists, calculators, and notes. You can keep them private or share them. All of your stuff is at whenever you need it.

Emailing Output

The tools at this website generate output that can be used elsewhere. The output is not automatically stored anywhere. However, you may email the output if you need to.

Saving Form Data

For *some* of the forms on the site, you can save your work and come back to it. In order to avoid saving private information to this site, you actually save information to your computer as a 'CSV' file. To save the information after you've got something in the output box, click on either 'Save to CSV' or 'Show CSV data'. 'Save to CSV' will download a file to your computer. 'Show CSV data' will open a popup with the text of a CSV file that you can copy.

You might want to do this to keep a personal record of the form information. You may be collecting information for research, putting together a registry, or just saving your work for later. A CSV file can be opened with and edited with most spreadsheet programs.

Retrieving Form Data

If you've got the CSV file and you'd like to load it into the form, you can click on 'Fill from CSV' or 'Fill from CSV data'. 'Fill from CSV' will try to upload the file and 'Fill from CSV data' will give you a place to paste the CSV text.

This feature *does not* work with all of the tools on the site. The key requirement is that each of the variables on the form be unique and named 'variable_1,' 'variable_2,' etc. Since this is a newish (circa 2019) feature, there's a lot of stuff that may not work with this 'Saving and Filling' process. Your best chance of ensuring this will work is to choose one of the 'CSV ready' tools or to make it yourself.

It's a great feature for picking up where you left off.