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194 responses to “Help”

    • SOAPnote says:

      Since each form is a web page, you can save them to your desktop. All of the features may not work, but the basic functions seem to. If you go to and look at “Download a page from Chrome to read offline” it explains how to do it in the Chrome browser.

      As far as integrating with Excel or another program, there isn’t a way to import or export the forms themselves into another program. If you save data from the forms, those can be imported and exported from Excel or other spreadsheet programs as “CSV” files. There’s more on that at

      I hope this helps and Thank You for using the site!

  1. tncarlson says:

    Soapnote Project Site Down Yesterday

    I couldn’t access my account or the main pages of the site yesterday. This has happened once before. I’m just wondering if there was planned downtime that we can be notified of prior to the site going down.

    Thank you!

    • SOAPnote says:

      Hello – We’re very sorry for the downtime on the site yesterday. It was unexpected and a great inconvenience for many users. We’ve fallen back to a more reliable set up and believe this will avoid similar episodes in the future. We will make every effort to alert users of scheduled downtime via a banner at the top of the home page. Thank you for using and supporting the SOAPnote Project!

    • SOAPnote says:

      Hi – variable names can’t be only numeric. For example — [checkbox memo=”MDM ABD PAIN W/ IMAGING + LABS” name=”1″ value=””] Where it says name=”1″ it would need to be something like name=”a1″ or name=”1a” or name=”variable_1″.

      • Thank you for your reply,

        I am unable to see “where it says name=1”. On my end, I am able to click on whatever MDM but then I do not have an option to either type or select “all” or any other “variable”

        I can only see the white box to the left of all the MDMs, and at the bottom a “calculate result” and “reset form” boxes. I am currently using a chrome browser. I had the same luck with safari.

        I was wondering if you have any walk through videos that could better illustrate how to use this. Thank you!

  2. kolade.ajayi says:

    This is a very good resource, i use it all day. Thanks for this.
    Quick question, is is possible do this: Select an option ( from a list) and the selection give you more options to choose from ?

    • SOAPnote says:

      I think I understand what you are asking about. A list such as a checkbox element with multiple items. I think it is a good idea. There really isn’t a way to do this unless you made each checkbox have one element. Then you could have a conditional display if it is selected.

  3. Jessica says:

    Is it possible to create and recall a hidden variable? For example, I want to recall the textbox variable “name” and radio variable “gender_ID” throughout my note. Currently I have them up top and just delete in the output, but I’d love to skip that step. Thank you for this tool and your help with this help request!

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