Fever Exam

[textarea columns=80 rows=25 default="General: The patient is alert and in ***no/mild/moderate/severe*** distress.
Abdomen: ***Is normal/Nontender/Bowel sounds are present/Normal liver/Normal spleen/Is abnormal***
Nose is ***normal/congested/not examined***.
Mouth is ***moist/tacky/dry***.
External examination of the ears: ***external examination of the ears/Normal/Abnormal/Not performed/Other***.
Right tympanic membrane: 
***Clear/Dull/Red/Fluid/Bulging/Distorted/Draining/Myringotomy tube present/Not performed***.
Left tympanic membrane:
***Clear/Dull/Red/Fluid/Bulging/Distorted/Draining/Myringotomy tube present/Not performed***.
Throat: ***Normal/Abnormal/Erythematous/Tonsils inflamed/Exudate present/Not performed***.
Neck: ***Supple/Stiff/Kernig negative/Brudzinski negative/Not performed***.
Eyes: ***Normal./Pupils equal, round, and reactive to light./Pupils are normal./Lids are normal./Conjunctivae are normal./No mattering.***
Genitalia: ***Normal male./Normal female./Abnormal.***
Head: Examination of the head ***is normal/reveals soft and flat fontanelles/reveals sunken fontanelles/reveals bulging fontanelles***.
Heart: ***Normal/Normal heart sounds/Regular rate/Regular rhythm/No murmur/Abnormal***
Lungs: ***Clear to auscultation and percussion/Reveals scattered rhonchi/Reveals scattered wheezes/Reveals decreased breath sounds***
Lymph Nodes: Cervical adenopathy ***present on the left/present on the right/present bilaterally/not present***.
Skin: ***Normal./Good turgor./Abnormal.***"]

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