Fever History

Infectious Disease, Pediatrics, Subjective/History Elements
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[textarea columns=80 rows=25 default="History provided by ***mother/father/grandparent/patient***
*** day history of fever. The fever has been as high as: ***. Taken ***rectally/axillary/by tympanic reading/orally***. There have ***not been/been*** localizing symptoms which would explain the fever. Specifically, no ***poor sleep/runny nose/cough/dyspnea/emesis/foul odor to the urine/diarrhea/apparent sore throat/ear complaints/rash/abdominal pain/dysuria/change in sensorium/headache***. Feeding/appetite ***has been normal/has not been normal***. Urine output ***has been adequate/has been inadequate***.
The patient has ***no*** other family members with fever
The patient has ***not*** been exposed to ill contacts at day care
The patient has ***not*** been vaccinated recently
There have been ***no*** known exposures
The patient has ***no*** past history of febrile seizures"]

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