Upper Respiratory Infection Exam

Allergy & Otolaryngology, Infectious Disease, Objective/Exam Elements
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[textarea default="General Appearance: ***NAD/lethargic/listless***
Nose: ***normal/mucosal edema/rhinorrhea/purulent rhinorrhea***
Ears: ***normal/other***
Throat: ***normal/erythematous/tonsillar inflammation/tonsillar exudate***
Lymph nodes: ***no adenopathy/anterior cervical adenopathy/posterior cervical adenopathy/anterior and posterior cervical adenopathy/supraclavicular/axillary/inguinal/bilateral/on the right/on the left/left greater than right/right greater than left***
Heart: ***RR, no murmur/click, S3/S4/other***
Lungs: ***clear/scattered rhonchi/scattered wheezes/decreased breath sounds***
Abdomen: ***soft, flat; no masses, tenderness or organomegaly/bowel sounds present/bowel sounds absent/spleen tip palpable/liver edge palpable***"]

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