Clozapine monitoring note final

[textarea name="a1" default="General examination:\nHeight cm   Weight Kg   BMI  \nno Pallor\nno Cyanosis\nno Clubbing\nno Lymphadenopathy\nno Edema\nno Malnutrition\nno Dehydration\nTemperature Normal \nPulse rate /min, regular\nRespiratory rate /min\nBlood pressure  \nRight Upper Limb mmHg\nLeft Upper Limb mmHg\n\nLMP if female pt\n\nSystemic exam:\nRS: AEBE, no rales, no ronchi\nCVS: s1,s2 present, no murmur\nAS: pa soft, no guarding/rigidity, no organomegaly\nCNS: no focal abnormalities\n\nClozapine s/e profile: \nno c/o fever or sore throat\nno c/o chest pain, breathing difficulty, palpitation\nno c/o dizziness\nno c/o constipation\nno c/o seizures\nno c/o excessive salivation\nno c/o nocturnal enuresis\nno c/o drowsiness  \nno c/o increased appetite, weight change\nno c/o increased urine formation, detection of deranged RBS or lipid profile since last visit \nno c/o jaundice, pain in right upper quadrant of abdomen\n\nAdv.\nHisto DC\nRBS\nLipid profile\nS. Creat\nS. Electrolytes\nECG with reporting" cols="70" rows="45"]

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