Comprehensive MSE Psychology

MSE [date default="date"]
Grooming: [select value="-| Meticulous| Good| Poor"], Dress: [select value="-| Formal| Casual|  Work Wear| Untidy"], Hygiene: [select value="-| Good| Poor"] [textarea cols="20" rows="1"]
Eye Contact:[select value="-| Normal| Fleeting| Avoidant| Intense| Distant"], Gait:[select value="-| Normal| Brisk| Slow| Limp| Stiff| Clumsy"], Psychomotor Activity:[select value="-| Unremarkable| Reduced| Increased| Excessive"], Abnormal Movements:[select value="-| Unremarkable| Grimace| Tics| Tapping| Ritualistic"] [textarea cols="20" rows="1"]
Attitude: [select value="-|Cooperative |Hostile |Overly Friendly |Secretive |Evasive |Suspicious |Apathetic |Easily Distracted |Focused |Defensive |Demanding |Seductive"]. [textarea cols="20" rows="1"]

Speech Rate: [select value="-| Normal| Rapid| Slow| Over-talkative| Poverty| Pressured"], Speech Volume: [select value="-| Normal| Loud| Soft| Whispered| Monotone"], Speech Speech Response Time: [select value="-| Normal| Delayed Response| Rapid Response"]
Speech Tone: [select value="-| Normal| Gentle| Aggressive"], Speech Rhythm: [select value="-| Normal| Hesitant| Rambling| Halting| Stuttering| Long Pauses"] [textarea cols="20" rows="1"]

Mood Reported As:[textarea cols="20" rows="1"], Mood Observed As: [select value="-| Balanced| Euthymic| Anxious| Flat| Depressed| Irritable | Euphoric| Angry| Indifferent| Detatch"], Mood/Affect Congruence: [select value="-| Congruent| Incongruent"], Mood Stability: [select value="-| Fixed| Labile"] [textarea cols="20" rows="1"]

Hallucinations: [select value=" No| Auditory| Visual| Olfactory"], Depersonalisation: [select value=" No| Yes"], Derealisation: [select value=" No| Yes"]
[textarea cols="50" rows="1"]

Thought Form: [select value=" -| Connected, Coherent and Logical| Circumstantial| Tangential| Flight of Ideas| Loosening Association| Thought Blocking| Word Salad| Echolalia| Neologisms"],[textarea cols="20" rows="1"]

Delusions Present: [select value=" -| None Present| Yes, Strong Beliefs| Yes, Paranoid Delusions| Yes, Delusions of Grandeur"],[textarea cols="20" rows="1"]

Suicidal Ideation: [select value=" -| Declines Suicidal Ideation, Planning and Intent| Passive Suicidality| Reports Active Ideation without Planning or Intent| Reports Active Ideation and Planning without Intent| Reports Active Ideation, Planning and Intent"],[textarea cols="20" rows="1"]
Deliberate Self Harm: [select value=" -| Declines Deliberate Self Harm Behaviours| Passive Self Harm| Reports Active Deliberate Self Harm"],[textarea cols="20" rows="1"]
Harm to Others: [select value=" -| Declines Risk of Harm to Others| Reports Ideations of Harming Others| Reports Active Plan and Intent to Harm Others"],[textarea cols="20" rows="1"]

Insight: [select value=" -| Good| Partial| Poor"],[textarea cols="20" rows="1"]
Judgement: [select value=" -| Good| Partial| Impaired"],[textarea cols="20" rows="1"]

Orientation to Person, Place and Time: [select value=" -| Yes| Partial| No"],[textarea cols="20" rows="1"]
Level of Consciousness: [select value=" -| Alert| Confused| Lethargic| Intoxicated| Stuporous"],[textarea cols="20" rows="1"]
Memory: [select value=" -| Intact ability to recall Recent and Remote Information| Difficulty with Remote Information| Difficulty with Recent Information"],[textarea cols="20" rows="1"] 
Grooming: , Dress: , Hygiene:

Eye Contact:, Gait:, Psychomotor Activity:, Abnormal Movements:

Attitude: .

Speech Rate: , Speech Volume: , Speech Speech Response Time:
Speech Tone: , Speech Rhythm:

Mood Reported As:
, Mood Observed As: , Mood/Affect Congruence: , Mood Stability:

Hallucinations: , Depersonalisation: , Derealisation:

Thought Form: ,

Delusions Present: ,

Suicidal Ideation: ,

Deliberate Self Harm: ,

Harm to Others: ,

Insight: ,

Judgement: ,

Orientation to Person, Place and Time: ,

Level of Consciousness: ,

Memory: ,

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