Counseling Goals/Objectives (Reference)

[comment memo="Individual" memo_size="large" memo_color="purple"]

[comment memo="Protective Factors" memo_size="large" memo_color="purple"]
[comment memo="Family Functioning" memo_color="blue"]
[textarea]Family will increase overall family functioning 
Family will work on improving communication of responsibilities in household and expectations. (Family Functioning)[/textarea]
[comment memo="Social and Emotional Support" memo_color="blue"]
[textarea]	Family will work on increasing social and emotional support of youth 
	Youth will increase use of self-care strategies while developing communication skills for use with PCG. (Social and Emotional Support) 
Family will improve family and child interactions that help will help youth develop the ability to communicate clearly, recognize and regulate their emotions and establish and maintain relationships.
	PCG will gain/improve skills and psychoeducation related to:
		having positive perceptions of and responsiveness to one’s child 
		responding warmly and consistently to a child’s needs
		being satisfied in one’s parental role
		fostering a strong and secure parent-child relationship
		creating an environment in which children feel safe to express their emotions 
		being emotionally responsive to children and modeling empathy 
		setting clear expectations and limits
		separating emotions from actions
		encouraging and reinforcing social skills such as greeting others and taking turns 
		creating opportunities for children to solve problems/make mistakes/be vulnerable/express individuality
	Outside of session, PCG will help foster/reinforce/model foster youth  
	Youth will gain/improve skills and psychoeducation related to: 
		developing and engaging in self-regulating behaviors
		interacting positively with others
		communicating emotions effectively
		expressing emotions in a healthy, constructive way
[comment memo="Nurturing and Attatchment" memo_color="blue"]
[textarea]Family will increase quality time spent together on weekends and after school/work. (Nurturing and Attachment) 
PCG will increase nurturing and attachment through feelings talk with youth and increased time spent together
    Family will have family game night at least 1 time a week.[/textarea]

[comment memo="Objectives" memo_color="purple" memo_size="large"]
[comment memo="General" memo_color="blue"]
[textarea fillable="true"]Youth will identify and process through emotions weekly in session.
Evaluate current coping and discuss/practice/implement healthy coping for emotional regulation. 
Continue to support Youth's therapeutic journey and to participate fully in Family assigned goals/tasks. 
"Check in" with each other daily to increase healthy communication and reinforce healthy parent/child support/bonding.
PCG/Mother will meet for parenting support once a month.
Youth will attend session 1x weekly to process feelings relating to ******
Youth will stop and acknowledge when she is upset, take a breath with ****** breathing 50% of the time.
Family will spend time together at least once a week for 30 minutes without electronics doing something they enjoy.
Each family member will go over highs and lows of the week during the uninterrupted family time.[/textarea]
[comment memo="Initial" memo_color="blue"]
[textarea]Youth will build rapport with provider through weekly/biweekly attendance 
PCG will check in with Youth 1x weekly at appointments /every other week
PCG will attend AP meeting 1x monthly
PCG will ensure youth attendance, support youth emotionally, and participate in 1x monthly action planning sessions
PCG will support youth emotionally, will bring to sessions weekly, and will attend monthly action plan meetings.
Youth will receive weekly counseling to increase awareness of coping skills-thoughts, actions and feelings[/textarea]
[comment memo="Etc" memo_color="blue"]
[textarea fillable="true"]PCG will practice using I-statements with youth x3 a week.
PCG will improve ability to track dysregulation in themselves/youth in session.
PCG/Family will spend 15 minutes a day building communication skills and trust.  
Youth will improve ****** by 25% by next action plan.
PCG will create a calm down area for family to use when upset.[/textarea]
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[textarea fillable="true"][/textarea]
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[textarea fillable="true"][/textarea]

Protective Factors
Family Functioning

Social and Emotional Support

Nurturing and Attatchment

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