Daily IPPN

Pt was seen and evaluated in the presence of BH staff. [checkbox name="IDT" value="Pt's ongoing treatment plan was discussed with an interdisciplinary team, consisting of attending and resident psychiatrists, social work, and nursing staff."]

[text name="Name"] is a [text name="Age"] y/o [select name="Gender" value="Cis-male|Cis-female|Trans-male|Trans-female|Non-binary"], on day [text name="Number"] of this admission. Pt was admitted for [text name="DxSx"].

Per overnight report, [textarea name="report"]

Pt reports [textarea name="Dailyupdate"]

Pt reports mood as [text name="mood"]. Pt reports sleep as [select name="sleep" value="Good|Fair|Poor|None"]. Pt reports appetite as [select name="appetite" value="Good|Fair|Poor|None"]. 

Pt [select name="somatics" value="reports|denies"] somatic concerns. [textarea name="Somatics"] 

Safety Risk:
[checklist name="Safety" value="Suicidal Ideations|Homicidal Ideations|Auditory Hallucinations|Visual Hallucinations|Tactile Hallucinations"]
Pt was seen and evaluated in the presence of BH staff.

is a y/o , on day of this admission. Pt was admitted for .

Per overnight report,

Pt reports

Pt reports mood as . Pt reports sleep as . Pt reports appetite as .

Pt somatic concerns.

Safety Risk:

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