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[textarea name="variable_1" default="NAME attended the DBT group as planned. Today's DBT training focused on MODULE."]


[text name="variable_3" default="NAME"] was observed: [checkbox value="attending but not participating at all|superficially participating|not participating to their best effort|selectively participating|fully participating with enthusiasm"].

Areas of specific concern for follow-up with their individual DBT clinician: [checkbox name="variable_4" value="Nil|Joining activities with minimal prompting|attending for the duration of the group|demonstrating appropriate non-verbal communication (eye contact, facial expression, body language etc.)|initiating appropriate communication (ask questions, make comments, respond to direct questions etc.)|taking turns|engaging in the hands on component|maintaining focus|co-operating with|allowing and encouraging others to participate|problem-solving with minimal prompting|participating at an appropriate energy level for the group context|presenting appropriately during group (suitable clothes, cleanliness, etc.)|demonstrating safe behaviour"]

[textarea name="variable_6" default="No further observations of note."]


[textarea name="variable_7" default="To attend the DBT skills group on the same day next week and receive individual DBT follow-up with their treating clinician before the next group."]


was observed: .

Areas of specific concern for follow-up with their individual DBT clinician:


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