Diagnostic Differentials for Adults

Patient displays s/s of the following diagnoses based on the their presentation and s/s displayed below:[checkbox name="variable_1" value="MAJOR    DEPRESSIVE    DISORDER|Sad, depressed mood|anhedonia|disrupted appetite|sleep disruption|fagitue|guilt/worthlessness|poor concentration|thoughts of death|SI"]
[checkbox name="variable_2" value="GENERALIZED    ANXIETY    DISORDER|Anxiety that is generalized|restlessness|easy fatigue|muscle tension|sleep disturbance|irritability|poor concentration"]
[checkbox name="variable_3" value="ATTENTION_DEFICIT/HYPERACTIVITY    DISORDER|careless mistakes|difficulty sustaining focus|trouble listenting to others|trouble completing tasks|difficulty organizing|avoids tasks with sustained mental effort|losses necessary items frequently|forgetfulness|Fidgets|leaves seat often|on the go, restless behaviors|inability to engage quietly with others|discomfort in sitting still|talking excessively|completes other's sentences|difficulty waiting their turn|interrupting others"]
[checkbox name="BPD" value="BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER:|Intense fear of abandonment|Historical pattern of unstable relationships|Persistent unstable self image|2 or more areas of self damaging impulsivity|Recurrent suicidal behaviors|Intense mood lability|Chronic emptiness|Very short temper|Stress related paranoia or dissociations"]
[checkbox name="variable_4" value="POSTTRAUMATIC    STRESS    DISORDER|near death, traumatic event|exposure to trauma|flashbacks|nightmares|Avoidance of related triggers|Mood alterations related to event|arousal changes related to event"]
[checkbox name="variable_5" value="BINGE    EATING    DISORDER|eating abnormal amount of food during an inappropriate period of time, and feels a sense of lack of control over eating during this time|During these episodes, the patient does the following:|eats more rapidly than normal|eats until feeling uncomfortably full|eats large amounts of food when not feeling phyiscally hungry|eats alone due to embarrassment|feels depressed, guilty, or disgusted with themself|These episodes cause marked distress for the patient and has been occurring at least 1x/week for more than 3 months."]
[checkbox name="variable_6" value="Bipolar Disorder.  The patient has described experiencing a peroid of at least 1 week of a euphoric or irritable mood accompanied by:|distractability|impulsivity|Grandiosity|flight of ideas|increased activities|feeling rested despite very little to no sleep|significant increase in amount of talking"]
[checkbox name="variable_7" value="PANIC    DISORDER|racing    heart|sweating|shaking|shortness    of    breath|chest    discomfort|choking    sensation|nausea|dizziness|chills/sensations|paresthesias|derealizations|fear    of    losing    control|fear    of    dying"]
[checkbox name="variable_8" value="DISRUPTIVE    MOOD    DYSREGULATION    DISORDER|severe    temper    outburts    atleast    3x/weekly    for    the    past    12    months    without    being    anbsent    for    3    months.    the    pt    is    otherwise    persistently    irritable    in    between    episodes.       it    occurs    in    two    different    settings    and    began    prior    to    the    age    of    10"]
[checkbox name="variable_9" value="OPPOSITIONAL    DEFIANT    DISORDER|pt    often    loses    temper|often    angery    or    resentful|often    easily    touchy    or    easily    annoyed|often    argues    with    authority    figures|defies    rules|deliberately    annoys    other    non-siblings|often    blames    others|has    been    spiteful    or    vindictve    at    least    2x    in    the    past    6    months"]
[checkbox name="variable_10" value="CONDUCT    DISORDER|bullies    others|initates    fights|used    a    weapon|physically    cruel    to    animals|physically    cruel    to    people|stolen    from    others    while    confronting    them|forced    others    into    sexual    acts|set    fire    with    intention    to    do    harm|destroyed    property    of    others|often    lies    or    cons|deceitfully    stolen    from    others|broken    into    other's    property|has    stayed    out    late    at    night    (prior    to    age    13)|ran    away    on    at    least    2x    occasions|multiple    school    truancy    incidences"]
Patient displays s/s of the following diagnoses based on the their presentation and s/s displayed below:

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