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[comment memo="DEPRESSIVE SYMPTOMS"]
Client endorses the following symptoms associated with depression: 
[checkbox name="d-map_depression" value="sleep impairment (onset)|sleep impairment (middle)|sleep impairment (terminal)|hypersomnia (oversleeping)|fatigue/loss of energy|appetite change|weight change (in the past 2-months)|decreased concentration|difficulty making decisions|memory problems|depressed mood, sadness|crying spells, tearfulness|anger|irritability|guilt|hopelessness|worthlessness|decreased self-esteem|negative self-perception|anhedonia|social withdrawal|sex drive change (increase)|sex drive change (decrease)|sex drive change (no motivation)|restlessness|agitation|trouble completing tasks|thoughts/speech slowed|apathy/no motivation|nightmares, morbid dreams|recurrent thoughts of death|suicidal ideation (plans, attempts)|body aches/pains"][textarea name="other" default="Other: ******" fillable="true"]
Client endorses the following symptoms associated with depression:
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