Follow up HPI

HISTORY OF PRESENTING PROBLEM[conditional field="A" condition="(A).is('Followup')"][comment memo="
99212 requires 1 HPI
99213 requires 1 HPI + pertinent ROS
99214 requires 4 HPI + pertinent ROS plus one other + 1 P/F/S hx
99215 requires 4 HPI + complete ROS + 2 P/F/S hx"][/conditional][conditional field="A" condition="(A).is('Intake')"][comment memo="
Intake = 90792"][/conditional]
[conditional field="A" condition="(A).is('Intake')"][/conditional]
*Chief Complaint*
Date and Time of Service:[date default="today"] [text size="8"]
Patient is see in this [checkbox name="A" value="Intake|Followup"][checkbox name="b" value=" with psychotherapy"] for [checkbox value="depression|anxiety|psychosis|substance abuse|cognitive impairment|impulsivity|mood lability|sleep disturbance|alcohol dependence|opiate dependence|autism spectrum disorder"] [textarea memo="other" default="" rows="1"]
[textarea memo="*QUOTES* *REQUIRED*" default="" rows="8"]

*Interval History*
Patient presents as [comment memo="SYMPTOM"][checkbox value="depressed|anxious|aggressive|impulsive|inattentive|irritable|withdrawn|unable to sleep|delusional|auditory hallucinations|visual hallucinations"] [textarea memo="other" default="" rows="1"]
Which is described as[comment memo="SEVERITY "][checkbox value=" the same as it has been| better| somewhat worse than it has been| significantly worse than it has been"] [textarea memo="other" default="" rows="1"]
It seems to [checkbox value="be very brief in duration|last for awhile then goes away|always be present"]
The patient notices that it is sometimes improved by [comment memo="Modifying factors "][checkbox value="talking to someone|being alone|doing something physical like walking|doing something that is distracting"] [textarea memo="other" default="" rows="1"]
[conditional field="A" condition="(A).is('Intake')"]
History of Presenting Illness:
[textarea rows="6"]

Current Psychiatric Medications: 
[textarea rows="4"]

Currently in Therapy: 
[select value="denied|currently in "] [textarea rows="1"]

Current Suicidal Ideation: 
[select value="denied|yes with no plan|yes with a plan|not suicide but thoughts of being better off dead"][checkbox value="contracts for safety|cannot contract for safety"] [textarea rows="1"]

Guns in the home / access to guns: 
[select value="denied|yes "][textarea rows="1"][checkbox value=" Explained that we ask this question because guns in the home increase the risk of suicide, homicide and accidental death, Provided education about the importance of keeping guns locked and separated from ammunition. Explained that should this provider feel that patient is unsafe to self or others, provider and patient will work together to develop a safe place to keep weapons to decrease risk of impulsive suicide or homicide"][/conditional]

*Chief Complaint*
Date and Time of Service:
Patient is see in this for

*Interval History*
Patient presents as SYMPTOM
Which is described asSEVERITY
It seems to
The patient notices that it is sometimes improved by Modifying factors

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