GIRP Template for Add-On Psychotherapy

Goal: [checkbox name="variable_45frsdafgjhf1" value="-Reduce worry|-Improve mood|-Improve frustration tolerance|-Improve sleep|-Healthy coping|-Improve distress tolerance"]
[checkbox name="variable_1fghdsf444fgh44" value="brief supportive psychotherapy|feeling validation|active listening|emotional support|reassurance offered|requested clarification|cognitive distortion exploration|reflected on current themes|problem-solving|mindfulness and grounding techniques|sleep hygiene|box breathing|incorporated DBT|distress tolerance exercises|boundary setting|Five Things|life review|frustration tolerance exercises|psychoeducation|homework assigned|administered MoCA"]
Response: [textarea name="variable_1455gf" default="The pt reported that .  These were explored with the patient.  The patient was receptive to education and intervention.  The patient reported feeling better after the session."]
[checkbox name="variable_3456fgjh1" value="-Psychotherapy with psychological services as needed|-Brief psychotherapy with med management sessions as needed|-Complete assigned homework|-Continue working on mindfulness skills|-Continue developing mature coping mechanisms"]




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Sandbox Metrics: Structured Data Index 0.75, 4 form elements, 4 boilerplate words, 1 text areas, 3 checkboxes, 33 total clicks
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