Inattention symptoms are [select name="inattention" value="not present.|present at "][conditional field="inattention" condition="(inattention).is('present at ')"][checkbox name="inattnloc" value="school|home|work"][/conditional][conditional field="inattention" condition="(inattention).is('present at ')"]. Following symptoms were reported [/conditional][conditional field="inattention" condition="(inattention).is('present at ')"][checkbox name="inattnother" value="* easily distracted|* often forgetful|* poor attention to detail|* needs directions to be repeated|* easily bored|* makes careless mistakes|* difficulty in maintaining attention|* often appears not to be listening when directly spoken to|* messy work|* tasks requiring sustained mental effort are difficult for the patient to accomplish|* loses things"]. [textarea cols="20" rows="1"]. [/conditional] Hyperactivity symptoms are [select name="hyper" value="not present.|present at "][conditional field="hyper" condition="(hyper).is('present at ')"][checkbox name="hyperloc" value="school|home|work"][/conditional][conditional field="hyper" condition="(hyper).is('present at ')"]. Following symptoms were reported [/conditional][conditional field="hyper" condition="(hyper).is('present at ')"][checkbox name="hyperother" value="* fidgety|* often out of seat|* difficulty playing quietly|* always on the go|* talks excessively|* risky behavior|* problem waiting for turn|* interrupts others|* difficulty accepting limits"]. [textarea cols="20" rows="1"].</br>[/conditional] Others [checkbox name="other" value="* procrastination|* functions below academic potential|* shows oppositional behaviour|* stubborn"]
Inattention symptoms are Hyperactivity symptoms are Others

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